Teaching’s a piece of cake…right?

So, it has been quite the semester! The month of October was definitely a very busy one, and here we are, almost halfway through November! Throughout the past month, besides all of the lesson planning, projects, and class, I have been attending and running meetings for the College of Education Student Council, I was initiated into Kappa Delta Pi (the Education Honors Society), as well as the Golden Key International Honour Society. I also had the privilege of sitting in on the Young Alumni Advisory Council of the College of Education’s meeting last night, and joining them for the TU Men’s Basketball home game as well! I had the honor of meeting Temple University’s President, Dr. Neil Theobald, while attending the game. 
But, enough about that, and more about what I would like to share with everyone. I have been struggling pretty hard to find not only the time but a topic to discuss for this blog. My main problem is that I really enjoy sharing great articles that I have read, while still maintaining an unbiased viewpoint, and trying not to share anything that may be considered political or biased. 

A peer of mine posted this article to Facebook, and I couldn’t help but share. Being an Early Childhood major in college is sometimes a little bit tricky. Our homework usually isn’t as intense as our friends who are taking anatomy, and there are definitely days where instead of memorizing every bone in the human body, like our friends, we are reading children’s books for homework. I know that you are probably wondering why this would be tricky at all, but by having these “easier” assignments, many assume that the profession that we are going into is neither challenging nor difficult at all. The article posted below is one that cracks many myths that some may assume, but most of all, the picture at the end really puts life into perspective. I am not posting this to discourage anyone, but to inspire you. When someone tells you that what you are planning on doing with your life isn’t difficult always keep in mind that although what you do in class may sometimes seem as if it is easy, you are slowly approaching a career that is anything but easy. Perhaps this viewpoint may sometimes seem intimidating, but please do not forget that you are becoming a teacher for your own unique and personal reasons. And although we all have our own reasons for becoming teachers, most of us can agree that when it comes down to it, it is all for the students, and for our love and desire to help children succeed. And with that, I leave you with this link, enjoy!



(Picture courtesy of busyteacher.org)



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And I am Back!!

Woah! What a short summer and busy start to the school year that was! So sorry for the lack of posts recently, but to be completely honest my summer was consumed by work, so nothing too interesting, and the past four weeks have probably been the busiest of my life! First off, welcome back! If you are a Temple student, a high school student, or a future owl, welcome back to the start of a new year. I’m going to keep this first blog short, especially considering the first College of Education Student Council meeting is in 20 minutes, but I did want to give everyone a heads up non what to expect from me this year. First of all, I am in my senior year here at Temple, and I am a year and a half from finishing up my degree in Early Childhood Education. For those of you trying to figure out why I still have a year and a half and not just a year, I consider myself lucky to only have an extra semester after switching my major a total of 6 times-yes 6 hahah. Anyways, this year I am trying to put a huge emphasis on my major and all the different events, clubs and organizations, and opportunities that it has to offer. As a co-president of the College of Education Student Council (CESC), as well as a soon-to-be member of Kappa Delta Pi (the education honors fraternity), and a Student Ambassador for the College of Education, I hope to give anyone who is an Education Major or plans to be one, an insight on what we have to offer. I will probably also be mentioning Big Brothers Big Sisters, as it is my first time ever being apart of this wonderful organization. But of course, I am still and Owl Ambassador, so anything relating to admissions, tours, or admissions events can also be found here. So stay tuned for my updates on how to get involved!

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Are you interested in hearing from College of Education students?

Today there will be a Google+ hangout for all prospective Education majos happening between 5 and 5:30 pm where myself and a few other Student Ambassadors for the College of Education will be answering your questions about Temple’s College of Education! Over winter break I participated in one of these for Admissions, and I really do feel as though it is a great way to learn more about the University and College as a whole! Get your specific questions answered and hear questions from other prospective students answered as well!

Here is the link for the Hangout: https://plus.google.com/events/ckl6nef188u0c0qv257f839ag6s

And here is the link for where it will be posted afterwards as well as aired live during the session: http://www.youtube.com/user/TempleUniversity


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What do you want to be when you grow up?

There is one question that has been haunting me since I was about 5 years olds, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” When I was five the obvious answer was a princess, and although I still have hopes for that, I am beginning to realize that I maybe won’t be a princess one day. However, since I’ve been pretty sick the past week or so I’ve been doing a lot of twitter refreshing and huffington post reading. While doing this I came across an article about how it is okay for teenagers to not know what they want to be when they grow up, so this really got me thinking. I have had six majors since I applied to Temple, yes I did just say six. I applied as Psychology, switched to Speech Pathology after putting down my deposit, then I switched into Therapeutic Recreation at orientation in hopes to be on an Occupational Therapy track eventually. Learning that I had to take anatomy made me realize that this was not the career path or major for me, so after my freshman year I decided to try Tourism and Hospitality Management for the fall semester of my sophomore year. Once again not really my thing, but it is an absolutely amazing program at Temple (check it out), so after 4 majors I decided to be undeclared for the spring semester of my sophomore year, and at the end of that I decided to officially switch into Early Childhood Education, otherwise known as the major that my mom and every employer I have ever had has been telling me to since I was about 14 years old. Some people may say that this is a little bit crazy, but honestly I don’t think I would do anything different. I was 17 years old when I applied to colleges, in my opinion asking a 17 year old to know exactly what they want to do with their entire life is asking a lot. College is such a special and important time in your life when you change and you discover who you are on your own. If you are someone who is undeclared or you maybe applied as a specific major but feel uneasy about it do not worry. Take your time and think about what you want to do with your life. Find who you are and the rest will fall into place. Through working at different camps and what not I found who I am and I found what I wanted to do with my life. College was such a changing point in my life now that I was surrounded by new people and experienced so many new things living in the city. These changes led me to finding out a lot about myself and who and what I wanted to accomplish when I grew up. Let your experiences do the same for you and if you decide you aren’t in the right program then change! All it takes is filling out a piece of paper and meeting with an advisor. Just remember, this is your life and the only person in control of it and your future is you.

This is me teaching a math lesson of money when I was 16 years old at a summer camp for children with special needs in June 2009.


This is me teaching a read-a-loud lesson to a pre-k classroom at 20 years old this past November.


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Relay for Life

Friday night from 6 pm to 6 am on Saturday Temple University hosted their own Relay for Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Relay, it basically an event by which you raise money by committing to have at least one person from your team on the track at all times for the designated time. Personally, this event was one that really struck home with me, having just lost my grandfather at the end of January. The night started out with an opening ceremony with beautiful speeches from a cancer survivor as well as a boy whose mom passed away from cancer. After this they had a lap for anyone who was a cancer survivor followed by a lap for everyone to participate in in honor of someone. From here on out the night was filled with different activities and events, as well as hanging out with friends. This was my second time participating in a Relay for Life, the first being when I was 14 through my middle school, and it was definitely a great time once again!



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Always something to do!

With this past weekend being Easter weekend, some students chose to go home and celebrate the holiday with their families, which is completely normal. However, if you were one of the students who decided to stay on campus, there was still something to do right at absolutely no charge to you. On Saturday, Owlcapella, one of our acapella groups on campus, put on quite a show right on campus in order to celebrate the release of their new EP being on itunes. They started out the show with a guest performance by Columbia’s all male acapella group, Sharp, and then finished by performing different songs including Stacy’s Mom, Ignition Remix, Iris, You Don’t Know Me, Kodachrome, and of course Thrift Shop. Overall it was a really great concert with wonderful music and even better performers. If you are interested in checking out their EP, make sure to click here and it will bring you to itunes. One of the owl ambassadors, Kevin, is in the group, so definitely check him out beat boxing in the background of the songs!




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Time to catch up!

So it’s been a pretty busy semester now that I’m in my “how to teach” classes, so I think I first of all I owe everyone a huge apology, so sorry! But I also owe everyone a nice catch up for the past few weeks! March 8-17 was spring break, so I went home and lived the dream of sitting on my parents couch all day eating anything I could get my hands on! I my defense, it has been a busy semester so a break was very much needed. March 20 and March 23 were pretty big days however! March 20 I presented my very first math lesson as a small group instruction for first graders and I don’t think it could’ve gone more perfect! I taught greater than and less than using my felt board, numbered cards, and an alligator puppet. The 3 young girls that I taught absolutely loved the puppet, as well as using the puppet to show me which numbers the alligator would want to eat. It was literally the cutest thing ever and worked out really well! March 23 was a pretty exciting day for all of the tour guides as well as a large number of accepted students considering it was Experience Temple Day! This is a day filled with different programs and events for accepted students to come and visit to learn any last things that they can about Temple. The day starts off with a fun “presentation” from the tour guides, and then is followed with different speeches from the Director of Admissions, President of the University, President of Temple Student Government, and an alumni. The day then breaks off into different meetings with your school or college to learn more about your major, then it is a free for all! This time I was facilitating tours, so directing who goes out on tour when and what not, but my favorite part is when accepted students walk by asking where they can go to put down their deposit. I love this part solely because I just think about how excited I was as a senior in high school to deposit, that I can’t help but be excited for these future students to soon feel the same! I’ll put a picture of the opening part below, but if you are an accepted student make sure to sign up for the next experience temple day, especially since it is the last one.


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Time to Tweet Away

In today’s day in age, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites not only consume our personal lives, but are also becoming important in evolving our educational or sometimes professional lives. I thought that it would be a really cool idea to list some of the different twitter handles that prospective as well as current Temple University students should consider following! These twitter pages will provide you with different information that can help you to get a feel about what Temple is all about and what not. So here you go!

@admissionsTU this twitter is especially important for prospective students who have already applied, are looking to apply, or would just like to find out some general information about Temple admissions. Feel free to tweet any questions! The hashtag for this is #GetTempleMade so tell us why you want to get temple made!

@TempleUniv this twitter is something that you should follow as a Temple Student or as a prospective student. They tweet about different events around campus, as well as different research studies and other programs being held by Temple’s staff and students. They also post about sports as well as awesome pictures taken around campus!

@TUActivities the amount of unknown awesome activities can all be found by following this twitter handle. Not only can you learn about awesome trips such as to six flags, New York, delicious restaurants, and other locations, but you can also find out about other helpful activities for yourself on and off campus!

@Owlsports_com if you are a huge fan of Temple Athletics, this twitter will provide you with play by play action, statistics, scores, and where/who our beloved owls are playing next.

@Temple_COE for all of you who look at my blog for things involving education, this is the twitter for you! This twitter page is for the College of Education, and posts the absolute best things about different events as well as different articles that education majors would enjoy. Definitely follow this one!

@foxschool for the business majors who are looking at Temple, the Fox School of Business is a wonderful program and the place to be! This twitter makes sure to post many articles about different subjects that different business majors may be interested in. They also make sure to keep a lot of it about the success of Temple Alumni from the Fox School of Business.

@STHM the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University makes sure to constantly update their twitter with different events and articles in regards to tourism (especially in Philadelphia), hospitality, sports, and recreation. This twitter offers you many ways to get involved as an STHM student.

@TempleU_SciTech to not only receive inspirational quotes and pictures, but also important science based articles, this twitter is a Science and Technology major’s dream. Definitely check this one out if it interests you!

@TempleCHPSW to learn more about Temple’s College of Health Professions and Social Work make sure to check out this twitter page. It will provide you with different articles regarding the health professions community, as well as different activities and events that may pertain to a CHPSW student on Temple’s campus.

@TylerArtSchool if you have ever been in the Tyler School of Art then you know how absolutely amazing and talented the students are. To learn about different exhibitions, admissions for Tyler, as well as events occurring at Tyler, make sure to check this twitter out.

@TempleCLA Temple’s college of Liberal Arts twitter makes sure to keep students aware and involved with the different events and programs that are being offered to them.

@TempleAmbler for those of you who are not interested in Temple’s main campus, but in the Ambler campus, this twitter will provide you with information regarding what is going on at Ambler, including the events and programs being offered.

@Temple_U_Abroad if you are interested in studying abroad, this twitter will let you know about the different programs that Temple has to offer, as well as when deadlines to apply are.

@TempleHonors the honors program at Temple is an absolutely wonderful one that deserves a lot of credit. This twitter feed will give you anything from articles to different events on campus. If you are interested in the honors program, or if you were accepted into it, definitely consider following this one!

@TempleCampusRec staying in shape while at college can sometimes be difficult, trust me. Luckily, at Temple our different recreation facilities offer a large variety of classes, long hours, and a variety of equipment. This twitter will help you to find out some great ways to stay in shape, whether it be through the gym or club sports!

@templetsg as a Temple student, or future one, this twitter will help anyone regardless of their major. Temple Student Government represents the students of Temple, so in order to learn how to get your voice heard and how to make a change, make sure to follow this twitter.

I hope this really helped you all out, and hopefully it will help to show you all that the different clubs, organizations, schools and colleges, and Temple as a whole has to offer you!

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The Little Things

Although being a teacher is a pretty difficult job, at the end of the day its the little things that make it that much better and easier. Last week in my practicum, or my student observation/teaching, I started off the day on the wrong foot, forgetting to pack my lunch and wearing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes. Towards the end of the day a little girl was showing me how well she can count money. After that she returned to her desk and came back to me about 5 minutes later with this note. So like I said, its the little things that can make a not so good day that much better 🙂


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Welcome Accepted Students!

Yesterday, Temple University’s Undergraduate Admissions hosted one of their most important, most fun, and most influential events of the year, Experience Temple Day. Experience Temple Day, or ETD for short, is a day for accepted students to come and see just exactly what Temple is all about. Their day begins in the venue where Temple first began, the Temple Performing Arts Center (formerly known as the Baptist Temple), with some fun games and giveaways as well as a few inspirational speeches from Temple’s finest. Students then break off by their school/college, based on their major, to learn a little bit more about what their programs can offer. The rest of the day can be composed of campus tours, residence hall tours, campus safety tours, and different information sessions including one where students and breaks separate and can have their own “Just for Students” and “Just for Parents” information sessions where all questions may be asked. Overall the day is filled with a lot of fun and exciting events that can help students make their college decision. Personally, as a tour guide, I look forward to this day for months! Although prepping for this day can seem like it may never end, it truly is such an amazing and rewarding day, especially when I can see the look on a student’s face when they realize that Temple University is only a few months away from being called their new home. If you are an accepted student and undecided about where you want your future home to be, or an accepted student looking to either learn more or for an excuse to visit Temple again, sign up for an ETD by logging onto your TUPortal. Hopefully I’ll see you soon 🙂

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